Terms & Warranty

Used Part Warranty

Used engines

All parts sold by BuyAuto Parts are covered under standard warranty of 30 days unless otherwise stated in writing. This warranty applies to the engine cylinder head and block assemblyand specifically excludes coverage of the following accessories: fuel injection components, carburetor, intake and exhaust manifolds, distributor, alternator, emission control devices, smog pump and components, seals, timing belt (and any related tensioner, tensioner adjusters, and/or idler bearings), timing cover, thermostat, water pump, flywheel or flex plate, pulleys, valve cover, sensors, switches, oil pan and oil pickup tube, turbocharger, and intercooler (where applicable). The above parts must be transferred from your old original engine, and must be in proper working condition.. Please note that this is a used engine and not a rebuilt. There may be scratches or dents on the appearance of the engine because it is a used engine. Used engine warranty covers only its performancebecause this is a performance product, the warranty does not cover cosmetic or visual damage (such as scratches or dents). The warranty covers only damage to the engine which will prevent it from starting up. Rust does not constitute a warranty return. Customer is responsible for changing oil, filter and seals before installation heat tabs shall not be removed or tampered with or this could void the warranty. On all belt-driven engines, purchaser must change timing belt and set timing. BuyAuto Parts is not responsible for damage caused by a broken or stripped timing belt.

Warranty is void if:
The engine is competitively raced.
Any damage to engine as a result of insufficient amount of oil in the engine.
Any damage to the engine as a result of being improperly installed.
Loss caused by overheating of the engine, unless overheating is the direct result of failure of an internal part of the engine.
Any tune ups and adjustments in belts, hoses, filters, emission control devices, sparkplugs, ect.

The following parts must be replaced to validate sniperauto.com engine warranty.
Documents must be provided.These must be from a parts store on a receipt from the company and no hand written slips will be accepted.

· Spark plugs
· Thermostat and Water pump
· Timing belt or chain and tensioner
· Front and rear seals and camshaft (s) seals
· Oil and oil filter
· Water and oil sending units or pumps
· Gaskets (oil pan, intake, exhaust, valve cover and any other gasket that would be required as a regular maintenance)
· Pcv valve

Warranty may be void if in inspection sniperauto.com finds that above parts were not replaced at the time of installation.

Used transmissions:
Are guaranteed free of defects for a period of 30  days from the date of sale not delivery. We guarantee that it will shift properly, gears and bearings to be in good working condition. Remember there is no reimbursement for labor to install or remove.

1. You must replace all seals and gaskets prior to installation
 weather it needs it or not ,
If not preformed this constitutes an immediate warranty void .
2. Replace oil and filter in all automatic transmissions.
3. Thoroughly clean all components of the transmission including oil pan before assembly.
4. Flush & flow test cooler and lines.
5. Fully engage torque converter in front pump.
6. Manual transmission you must install a new clutch, pressure plate, and slave cylinder. You must also have your fly wheel turned prior to installation.
7. Fill and check fluid to insure proper levels.
8. We strongly recommend you install an inline filter on cooling lines
9. Adjust throttle pressure. Clear stored fault codes.
10. Computer controlled transmissions need to have scan tool attached to check for codes.

All returns must have prior authorization from sniperauto.com or they will be refused. You must contact sniperauto.com to receive authorization prior to any returns.
If you do not follow the guidelines set forth by sniperauto.comin regards to seals, gaskets and installation procedures, the warranty is void.

In the event of a defective part sniperauto.com must be notified and sniperauto.com will make judgment of replacement or refund if covered under warranty.
1. All parts must be returned in its original condition and packaged the way it was at delivery. All documentation must accompany the engine when returning.
2. All returns must be shipped via ups or freight truck in case the buyer arranges shipping.
3. If a part is found faulty at the time of installation. sniperauto.com will bear the return shipping cost.
4. Once the part is installed and malfunctions during the warranty period, the buyer needs to pay for return shipping.
5. In case of a problem with the engine or transmission, a diagnostic report is required to validate the problem. A replacement part or refund will only be provided once we have received and verified the diagnostic report. In case the customer is not able to provide the diagnostic report, all returns will be treated as no-fault returns and will attract a restocking fee of 30% and the return shipping.
6. In case of a warranty claim, a replacement part or refund can only be provided once the part is received and inspected by sniperauto.com upon return.
7. Under no circumstances, will the buyer be eligible for a replacement part or refund until the customer is still in possession of the part.

There is a 30% restock fee plus any shipping costs incurred
If any part is returned for no performance related reasons OR buyer ordered the wrong part OR the part was never installed.

The buyer hereby acknowledges that due to the nature of used parts, any liability of sniperauto.com’s for all causes shall be limited to the price paid for the goods sold or provided. If a part is sold by sniperauto.com’s under warranty fails to operate, liability shall be limited to the replacement of the part or a remedy not to exceed the price paid for the part.